Dashwood: British & Continental Studies

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This charming collection of works by a 19th-century hand named Dashwood depicts a range of interesting British and Continental views, all with a particular rustic charm. Subjects in graphite include views on the Danube, the Rhine and at Waterloo in Belgium. The artist has made good use of light and dark to achieve a sense of depth, and has included local details such as figures and boats to give a real sense of place. The works in watercolour depict popular and famous Grand Tour locations, including at the Swiss Lakes - Lucerne, Geneva and Lugano - and on the Arno in Florence, which present familiar views from personal, unexpected angles, such as from hotel terrace or bridge arch - giving these works a particular appeal. Closer to home there are various landscapes across the British Isles - at Dorset, Devon, Surrey, Scotland and Wales. Executed in some cases on 1846 Whatman paper, these pictures represent the keen observations of a talented Grand Tourist.