View towards Highdown Hill, Worthing - Original 1861 watercolour painting

An original 1861 watercolour painting, View towards Highdown Hill, Worthing.

A pristine watercolour painting of a view across a lake towards Highdown Hill, near Reading in Worthing.

Unsigned. Dated and inscribed on a separate fragment of paper: 'Highdown from Park, 1861'. 
Minor foxing and some age toning, particularly in the upper corners, as shown. Small crease to the lower right corner. Glue and paper remnants in all corners verso, due to historical mounting. Otherwise, in good condition for its age. 
17.2cm x 12.9cm.

This work is one of a small collection we have for sale of watercolours that trace the family travels of the de Winton family over nearly a century, from 1842 to 1914. Though the collection has a number of initials, and spans a number of locations - namely Surrey and Wales, but reaching as far as Scotland and Switzerland - these movements can be traced to places of importance for the de Winton family, indicating that it was likely an heirloom family sketchbook passed down and added to by subsequent generations.  The de Winton family has strong ties with Brecon in South Wales. The family claimed early descent from a Norman lord with the name ‘de Wintona’, but over the years the name was anglicised to ‘Wilkins’, which was reversed by decree in 1839. Our collection has ties to Walter Bernard de Winton (1850-1944), who was appointed Chief Engineer and Secretary to Government in Madras, India from 1874-1905, and his daughter Dorothea Mabel (1891- 1982), who became one of the first female geneticists, studying under William Bateson at the John Innes Horticultural Institution in Surrey from 1919 to 1941. Other family members are also present by initial, including an E.M.L., which may refer to Emily Mabel, Dorothea’s mother. Bright and airy, as a jewelled capsule collection, these works represent the ever shifting artistic views of the English landscape as it evolved over time, throughout generations, and between ever changing national boundaries. 

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