Early 20th-century Illustration Art

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This selection of original artwork for publication dates from the 1920s/30s. The collection includes many original vignette drawings of characters from the novels of Charles Dickens after Kyd (Joseph Clayton Clarke), produced for publication on cigarette cards.

These drawings capture the memorable characters created by Charles Dickens, whose physical appearances embody their larger-than-life personalities. Cigarette cards were extremely popular and collectable in their day, issued around the world in their millions, until production stopped abruptly in 1939 when the outbreak of war meant shortages of board and paper.

The collection also includes other original artwork for publication featuring different subjects, including stylised marine, botanical and bird illustrations, and studies of historic costume from Tudor time through to the Victorians. There are also natural and architectural landmarks from New England, Canada and rural England. These illustrations appear to be the original designs for a series of decorative ceramic tiles.