Edward Fitzgerald Campbell

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This interesting collection of sketches appear to be by Sir Edward Fitzgerald Campbell, 2nd Baronet (1822-82). Grandson of Lord Edward FitzGerald, the Irish aristocrat and revolutionary, and son of Major-General Sir Guy Campbell, Edward Fitzgerald Campbell had a distinguished military pedigree and illustrious career of his own.

These drawings are on 1836 J Whatman paper, some of which are watermarked, and they appear to date from around the 1840s when Fitzgerald was engaged in military service. Educated at Sandhurst, Fitzgerald Campbell entered the army in 1841, serving with distinction in India – in the Panjab campaign of 1848-9, the siege of Multan, at Gujarat and at the siege of Delhi in 1857. In 1849 he was the Aide de Camp to the Commander-in-Chief Sir Charles Napier, and he went on to become Military Secretary to Lord Canning when Governor-General 1857-61.

These drawings reveal a very skilled artistic hand and include intriguing portrait sketches, many of military figures, sensitive and humorous in turn. There are also varied animal and landscape subjects, including a military camp in India.