Village View from the City Dockyard - Original 1911 watercolour painting

An original 1911 watercolour painting, Village View from the City Dockyard.

A picturesque watercolour painting of the outline of a village drawn from the perspective of a dockyard, with a boat  and figure resting to the left. Verso there is a naive drawing in graphite, with yellow and pink crayon overdrawing, of a piggy bank with a flower decoration.  '1911 England' watermark running vertically along the left side. 

Minor foxing and overall age toning as shown. Otherwise, in good condition.
17.4cm x 12.3cm.

This work is one of a collection of watercolour paintings we have for sale from an unsigned Edwardian sketchbook, watermarked 1911, depicting mainly boating and nautical scenes, with some additional images of a seventeenth century manor house and its gardens. The focus is certainly on the sailboat – be it a yacht, canoe or the occasional pairing with a steam powered tugboat – and a setting that varies between small, local shipyards and large, expansive harbours. Summery and airy, with an Impressionistic approach to the chromatic variances of light on water, sky and grass, the works in this collection are a visually sumptuous array of atmospheric colour and geometric nautical line. 

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