Eliza P. Mosley after George Morland 1806

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This delightful collection of rustic genre scenes by Eliza P. Mosley dates from 1806. All the works in the collection have the appearance of being after English artist George Morland (1763-1804), arguably the most popular painter in late eighteenth-century Britain. These watercolours and drawings were produced just two years after the artist's death.

Morland was known for his genre paintings of humble country life, including cottages and stables, naturally posed peasant folk, horses, donkeys, pigs and sheep. He was very highly regarded and hugely prolific, producing around 250 engravings, and, in the last eight years of this life, some 900 paintings and over a thousand drawings.

Moorland also produced drawing books, such as “Sketches by George Morland” published in 1793-4, in which his graphite drawings were reproduced as soft-ground etchings. It is likely that a number of the drawings in this collection, from the hand of Eliza P. Mosley, are after such examples. One of the drawings is inscribed “Morland”.