Elsie M. Dudley: 1880s Botanical Watercolours

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This interesting collection of delicate botanical watercolours is by Elsie Mary Dudley (d.1903), future wife of artist Thomas Campbell-Bennett (1858-1948). The particular charm of these works lies in the detailed botanical notes that accompany each painting, the collection thereby evidencing 19th-century horticultural knowledge being applied in the field: the ‘specimens’ collected for this project were gathered at various locations around the UK - including at Dudley’s native Kinver in Staffordshire, and further afield in Wales and Scotland. Elsie Dudley married artist Thomas Campbell-Bennett in Staffordshire in 1886, moving to Cornwall by 1888. Bennett was a founder member of the Westward Ho! Art Club and the couple moved in artistic circles, in the acquaintance of Devon artists Widgery, Pike and Ager.