Emily Bruce: Panoramic Landscapes 1873

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This collection of delicate watercolour paintings in panoramic format capture the elemental grandeur of the Swiss landscape, as viewed through the eyes of an intrepid 19th-century Tourist. Emily Bruce (b.1838) was daughter of West India Company merchant Henry Bruce (1798-1864). The collection attests to her wealth and privilege, following her travels in Switzerland and recording sites which were popular amongst upper class travellers of the Victorian era. A number of views are from the spectacular vantage point of the Grand Axenstein Hotel, which opened in 1869 and was famously declared by Queen Victoria ‘The most beautiful spot I met with on my journey through Switzerland.’ But these paintings also show an eye sensitive to pictorial composition and the sublime - capturing the rugged and uninhabited beauty of Switzerland’s lake and mountain regions. Emily Bruce’s prestigious London address is given as 28 Hyde Park Square in 1873.