Rococo Ornament Designs Caduceus & Acanthus Leaf -Two 18th-century ink drawings


A pair of original 18th-century pen & ink drawings, Rococo Ornament Designs with Caduceus & Acanthus Leaf.

This pair of Rococo style drawings are most likely French in origin, representing that country's Age of Enlightenment and the peerless efforts of its artists and craftsmen to invest utilitarian objects with refinement and beauty.

These beautiful designs incorporate the florid motifs and scrolling acanthus leaves typical of the period, as well as a representation of the caduceus - the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology, entwined by two serpents and sometimes surmounted by wings.

Whilst ornament designs in the 18th century were wide-ranging - from architecture to woodwork to ceramics - the detail with which these drawings are executed suggests that they are possibly marquetry designs.

The paper has the appearance of an early handmade wove, with deckle edges and a distinctive 'weave' impression characteristic of paper that has been pressed between fabric or wire mesh screens.


The paper has natural irregularities, wrinkling and uneven edges. One sheet has a small loss to the edge, as shown, and three short repaired tears. Some minor marks, toning and light foxing. Please see photos for detail.

Each sheet: 19cm x 25cm.


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