E.P. Corin, Italian Coastal View with Flowers - Early 20th-century oil painting


An original early 20th-century oil painting, E.P. Corin Italian Coastal View with Flowers .

A walled garden hillside path, likely in Italy, overlooking the coastline with trees and red-roofed buildings, by Edwin Philip Corin (1863-1940). Oil on textured paper.

In good condition for its age. There is a small crease along the upper right and left corners, pinholes in all corners, and a small paper loss in the bottom left corner.  
26.4cm x 20.5cm.

Please note that the photograph of the artist is pictured for information only.

This painting forms part of a collection of works in oil that we have for sale by E.P. Corin, a number of which are signed, and one of which is dated 1929.

Edwin Philip Corin (1863-1940) was the oldest son of Edwin Paul Corin and Eliza Knight, a successful textile and millinery goods importer in the mid 1860s. When his sons were old enough, they were sent abroad to France and South America to establish further business contacts there. This may be where Edwin’s love for the Continent began, as depicted in the wide number of scenes in this collection of gardens in Paris and seascapes along the French Riviera.

Edwin Philip ran the family textile business after his father’s death in 1887. The 1890s saw a change of heart for Corin – he trained and set up a practice as a dental surgeon. Unable perhaps to resist the call of the Continent, by 1898 he had immigrated to Paris, where he set up a dental practice. It was during this time he began to cultivate his artistic leanings, and by the turn of the century he was submitting work to the exhibitions in Paris. Art et Decoration mentions a number of his drawings in the 1911 Salon des Independents, for example, but it is likely he began to exhibit much earlier.  

The start of WWI, however, forced him to return back to England, where he lived throughout the war. He may have returned to Paris sometime in the early 1920s, as he is known to have exhibited oil paintings in the Paris Salons of 1923-24. During this time he lived mainly in Paris, travelling and painting for a number of years until he returned to be with his family in England after the death of his wife Annie in 1938. Corin lived in Bromley with his son Edwin John Ronald for a short time; one of Corin’s paintings currently resides in the Bromley Library Historic Collection.

The paintings in this collection confirm this type of wealthy, itinerant lifestyle, and give an intimate look into Corin’s fascination with continental culture, landscape and beauty. They show images of the beauty and luxury of the Cote d'Azur in the 1920s and 30s, as well as formal gardens in Paris and Italy. These works show a clear Impressionistic influence with their focus on light - whether that is on the shimmering reflections of sun on ocean waters or the dappling of highlight and shadow between trees and flowers in cultivated landscapes. 

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