Outstanding Album: 1820s

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This outstanding collection of paintings and drawings were contained within a leather-bound album dated 1821. The album, of unknown ownership, was evidently in the possession of a collector with an eye for works of the highest quality.

Including paintings in watercolour, and drawings, in graphite, charcoal and ink, many of the works are dated, to between 1817 and 1827.

Many of the works are also signed, and they include watercolours by persons of note, such as the 2nd Earl of Warwick, George Greville, and Lady Susan Vernon Harcourt (wife of the naturalist Edward Vernon Harcourt). A number of the paintings are signed H. Fairfax, an artist of unknown identity and exceptional skill.

The landscape subjects cover a varied geography, with scenes in Bath and Hastings, Sussex, as well as continental views. The collection also includes portraits, floral studies and animal subjects.

By virtue of being kept in an album, the works are in excellent condition and are, as a result, all the more impressive; for the most part they have retained their original colours and not suffered the effects of exposure to light or wear and tear.