A.K. Rudd, Artwork for Book Illustration Child in Garden -1914 pen & ink drawing


An original 1914 pen & ink drawing, A.K. Rudd Artwork for Book Illustration, Child in Garden.

With blank text box as shown. Laid down on board.

Initialled and dated lower left.
There is a line running vertically down the centre of the paper, which appears to have been a tear that has been repaired by being pasted onto the backing board, presumably by the artist.
11.8cm x 17.6cm.

This watercolour is from a collection of paintings by A.K. Rudd of Wolferton in Norfolk, dating from around the 1890s. Arthur Kingston Rudd (1876-1821) spent his life employed at the Sandingham Estate, well-acquainted with both King Edward VII and George V. A talented draughtsman and watercolourist, he acted as surveyor and architect at Sandringham. He was a member of the Beehive and Woodland Sketching Clubs, and the Norwich Arts Circle. Rudd's sketching club pseudonym, inscribed on the back of several of these paintings, was Persimmon - the name of the Prince of Wales's Derby winning race horse. Rudd’s painting style is delicate, with clean brushstrokes in fresh, crisp tones. The majority of the views in the collection are rural, such as Norfolk and Aberdeenshire, featuring woodland, mountains and moorland, often with dramatic skies or seasonal details.

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