Pompeii: Early 19th-Century Vedute

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This series of early 19th-century vedute di Pompeii are executed in fine line engraving and beautiful hand-colouring in watercolour. Laid down on their original album page backings, they feature heavy painted black outlines often characteristic of the Neapolitan School. 

The artist of this work is unknown, but the collection was accompanied by a page insert with the annotation 'Strutt'. This could possibly refer to the father and son artists Jacob George Strutt (1790-1864) and Arthur John Strutt (1819-1888), who were both painters and engravers and who both travelled and lived in Italy from 1831 onwards.

Similar works to these were being produced by various artists at the time, such as vedute of Rome and Naples published by Tommaso Cuccioni in early decades of the 19th century.