Regency Portraits: Miniature Watercolours on Paper

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This collection of fine miniature portraits date from the late Regency period c.1833-7. The pictures appear to have been associated with the family of Welsh industrialist David Davies Llandinam (1818-1890): accompanying poems and transcribed extracts (available to purchase separately) include the signature David Davies July 13th 1835, as well as a location of Northwick (being Northwick Park, then in Worcestershire) and an inscription by Arthur Charles Gabell, born at Crickhowell, Breconshire. Together, these portraits tell something of the fashionable and intellectual tastes of the day. Depicting mainly women, in Regency style dress - ringletted hair, draped turban, and even with a parrot - they present aspirational female images, possibly inspired by the Belle Assemblée magazine (published 1806-1837), known for its fashion plates of Regency era styles and for publishing poetry and fiction, of the kind accompanying this collection.