Sir Charles D’Oyly (1781-1845)

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Sir Charles D’Oyly, seventh baronet (1781-1845) was a prolific artist, known for his especially fine draughtsmanship. D’Oyly was born in India, son of Sir John-Hadley D'Oyly, 6th Baronet, of the East India Company. He spent his working life in India with the Bengal Civil Service, based in Calcutta, Dacca and Patna from 1798 to 1838. Whilst at Dacca he met the artist George Chinnery and became his pupil from 1808 to 1812; the men became close friends and D’Oyly’s style was greatly influenced by Chinnery. As an amateur artist D’Oyly was greatly admired by the European community, and he became the centre of a fashionable group devoted to drawing. He published many books featuring engravings and lithographs with Indian subject matter, including ‘The Antiquities of Dacca’, which became an important social document of the period.