Peach & Cherry Fruit Still Life-Original mid-19th-century overpainted lithograph

An original early 19th-century overpainted lithograph, Peach & Cherry Fruit Still Life.

A lush lithograph print, with hand coloured overpainting, of a still life with cherries, a peach and a plum. Laid down on backing paper.

Unsigned. Trimmed to the image.
In excellent condition.
14.8cm x 11.6cm.

This is one of a group of Victorian overpainted prints that we have for sale. The art of hand-colouring prints is a little-studied but distinct discipline, requiring skill and flair to be done successfully. Typically executed in watercolour or gouache, hand-colouring increases the impact of a black-and-white image, and can transform a print into something unique and personal. The painting of these prints is more extensive, detailed and vibrant than typical hand-colouring, meaning that, whilst originating as mezzotints or lithographs, many of these pictures appear almost as paintings in their own right.

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Product code: JH-845

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