Peacock Bird in Ornamental Rose Garden - Original 1834 watercolour painting


An original 1834 watercolour painting, Peacock Bird in Ornamental Rose Garden.

An exquisitely detailed decorative study. In watercolour with touches of gouache and gold paint, and gum arabic to intensify the colour. The picture is inscribed at the lower left corner ''Twas mine 'Tis yours' - a touching sentiment which represents the giving over of the painting from artist to receiver.

Unsigned. Dated lower right.
In good condition for its age. There is some age toning to the outer edges of the sheet. The picture may have other minor imperfections, such as slight marks, toning, foxing, creasing or pinholes, commensurate with age. Please see photos for detail.
20.4cm x 16.4cm.

This picture forms part of a beautiful and poignant collection of related works that we have for sale, dating from 1830-6. The collection comprises exquisite examples of Regency friendship pictures and handwritten copperplate poetry. These works are set apart from the doodles and ditties more usually found in friendship albums in that they are of consistently high quality and meditate on various melancholic themes of great gravitas. Together, they form a collection of work in memoriam - centred, it seems, around the death of a young child named Edward.

The works include exquisite botanical paintings and portraits, and beautiful handwritten verses - many transcribed after poets such as Lord Byron, Thomas Moore, Theodor Körner and Thomas Haynes Bayly - meditating on widowhood, death, mortality and lost love. They evidence a time when the Romantics popularly revived the notion of ‘neurotic genius’, the idea that inner turmoil and anguish were driving forces behind creativity. Romantic literature indeed moulded the perception of melancholia and people turned to novels and poetry to self-cure their conditions.

The various hands in the collection are unidentified, but inscriptions include the initials J.S.B. and J.E.S, names William Sheff, Florence, Sydney and Rosa, and a location ‘Lambeth’.

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