Street Scene with Horse & Carriage -18th-century grisaille watercolour painting


An original 18th-century watercolour painting, Street Scene with Horse & Carriage.

This beautifully detailed watercolour painting wonderfully conjures up a sense of the bustling cobbled streets of urban life in 18th-century England. The scene depicts elegant figures in mid-18th-century dress – featuring men with bag wigs, tricorne hats and knee breeches.

The painting appears to be a fragment of what was once a larger composition involving areas of sanguine chalk, parts of which can be seen towards the edges of the paper. The painting has an illustrative quality – the use of grisaille and the carefully constructed genre scene – and it is possible that this was a preparatory design to be reproduced in another medium.

On laid paper. Presented on a beautiful hand-drawn mat. The mat has been cut so that the verso of the paper is visible as shown.

Unsigned. Inscribed illegibly in pencil on the verso as shown.
Due to the nature of the picture being a fragment, the edges of the paper are cut slightly irregularly as shown. There is a small brown watermark stain visible at the lower right edge of the paper: it is possible that the paper was cut to its current size because of damage to a larger sheet. There is also some minor foxing and a closed tear running the height of the paper left-of-centre, which has been historically repaired (see brown tape on verso). This repair is very effective and barely visible on the front.
6.4cm x 13.8cm.

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Product code: JH-610

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