Our Philosophy

Somerset & Wood was born out of a shared love of art, history, design and collecting. We have a passion for English antique art. Our vision is to share this online through our blog, and to offer specially selected artworks for sale at very affordable prices.

All our artworks are guaranteed original, one-off collectors’ pieces. We specialise in English 19th- and early 20th-century works on paper. With combined expertise from working in the fine art trade and for national museums across the UK, we have an interest in researching and bringing lesser-known artists into prominence. And, most importantly, as collectors (‘curators’) ourselves, we deal only in works that we think are of value and would ourselves be excited to own.

It is vital to us that our works are original and unique, because, to us, here lies the joy of art. An artwork is an authentic and tangible creation from a singular imagination. When viewed – held – owned, a connection forms between the creator and viewer. In a world where products are becoming increasingly disposable and transactions impersonal, we celebrate these personal connections, across centuries – and, with the global dialogues enabled by the online marketplace, across continents.