1950s Girls Outdoor Fashion - Original mid-20th-century watercolour painting

An original mid-20th-century watercolour painting, 1950s Girls Outdoor Fashion.

This interesting painting of girls camping at night was presumably used as a sample scene to showcase girls outdoor clothing designs. Very much of its time. Comes with a miniature preliminary study in watercolour (4.5cm x 6cm). Both are on paper, laid down separately on card.

The paper is significantly wrinkled as shown and there are two minor abrasions at the lower left.
43.2cm x 29.3cm.

This drawing forms part of a fantastic collection of womenswear fashion designs we have by Brenda Grant dating from the 1950s. The collection consists of numerous and varied designs, including day dresses, evening wear, underwear, nightdresses and beachwear. The drawings are confident and show real design flair – the stylised models in modish pose, with sleek, geometric silhouettes.

They capture the fabulously stylish fashions of the day, showcasing cinched waists, smart pencil skirts, and glamorous full evening gowns, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

They are also a wonderful insight into the history of fashion design, the craft of a garment designer in the 1950s and the art of the presentation board – the designer has used descriptive annotations to specify fabric types and any special detailing, and, in some cases, actual fabric swatches. All are by the same hand, and some are signed.


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