After J.M.W. Turner, Tivoli, Italy - 1830s watercolour painting

An original 1830s watercolour painting, After J.M.W. Turner Tivoli, for Rogers's 'Italy'.

This spirited Continental view is deftly painted in watercolour after a work by Joseph Mallord William Turner. It shares the wonderful Romantic sensibility of Turner’s work, evoking the idea and feeling of the place depicted. This picturesque view of Tivoli shows a waterfall and the circular so-called Temple of Vesta (also known as the Temple of the Tiburtine Sibyl).

Turner’s original was produced as an illustration for Samuel Rogers's long poem 'Italy', published in 1830, and it is likely that the present painting was executed in the same decade, when the book proved a great popular success. A maker’s stamp on the covers within which this painting and others in the series were inserted (C.E. Clifford, artist’s colourman, 30 Piccadilly, London - see photograph) dates from 1848 onwards - the paintings presumably compiled and inserted sometime after their completion.

On watercolour paper, laid down on backing card.

The odd, barely visible spot of foxing as shown. There is further foxing to the verso of the backing card, which does not affect the front. 
22.5cm x 17.9cm.

This painting forms part of a beautiful series of watercolours that we have for sale by a competent unknown hand after Turner’s illustrations for Rogers’s ‘Italy’. 'Italy' was Samuel Roger's longest poem, inspired by his tour of the Continent in 1814. It was published in a sumptuous luxury edition in 1830, with illustrations by Turner, Thomas Stothard and Samuel Prout - and it was these illustrations which secured the book’s immense success, the vignettes providing a breathtaking visual backdrop to complement Rogers’s text. Turner illustrated the work of many poets - including Byron, Milton and Scott - but it was these vignettes for ‘Italy’ that are considered his finest works of literary illustration. These watercolours after Turner show the popular contemporary reception of Turner’s illustrations and their Romantic appreciation of classical ruin, sublime landscape and local contadino.

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