All Saints Church, Loughborough, Leicestershire - 1846 watercolour painting

An original 1846 watercolour painting, All Saints Church, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

An expansive watercolour village study. On watercolour paper.

Unsigned. Inscribed and dated lower left.
Some very minor foxing and light age toning as shown. Otherwise, in good condition.
13.7cm x 21.7cm.

This work is from a collection of watercolours from the 1880s mainly executed by a Miss M.A. Wynell-Mayow, of Wells, Somerset, who was likely the daughter of Philip Wynell-Mayow, the Vicar of Easton, whose address matches that inscribed verso. Due to the inclusion of professional criticism inscribed on the back of many of these works, it is likely they were the product of a travelling sketching club, similar to those seen in our A.K. Rudd watercolour collection of the same period. Such clubs were popular in the late-Victorian and Edwardian era as a place for like-minded people from affluent society to come together and pursue a pastime and receive instructional critique from a teacher.
These watercolours reflect the artist’s commitment to and enthusiasm for the watercolour medium, using its fluidity to capture a wide range of subject matter, from still life, to architectural studies, all the way to botanicals and seascapes. Wynell-Mayow shows a clear grasp of the subtle gradations of colour and tone, with an emerging skill in the finer details of light on stone, sea and sand.

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