Allan Furniss, River Urr, Kippford, Dumfries - 1940s watercolour painting

An original 1940s watercolour painting, Allan Furniss River Urr, Kippford, Dumfries.

A striking painting produced in wartime Scotland, with a strong graphic quality that owes much to the art of the railway poster.

Unsigned. Inscribed lower left.
There is the odd, minor spot of foxing as shown.
18.6cm x 26.2cm.

This picture forms part of a collection of works that we have for sale by Allan Furniss dating from around the period 1938 to 1948. Focusing on the rural landscapes of southwest Scotland and the steam train lines that traverse them, these pictures owe much to the art of the railway poster, which, since the 1920s, had been an increasingly influential art form. Like railway posters, these works are images of high visual impact, employing elements of Art Deco, with stylised graphic crispness, photographic vantage points and inclusion of train locomotives, boats and buses. In 1940s Scotland the use of horse and cart was still commonplace, so these images represent the opening up of the nation’s more remote landscapes made newly accessible by rail. At the same time, they evoke a nostalgia for Britain’s countryside during wartime and its diminishing rural landscapes in the face of the rising tide of modernity.

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