Ancient Baobab Tree, St Jago - Original mid-19th-century graphite drawing

An original mid-19th-century graphite drawing, Ancient Baobab Tree, St Jago.

A highly detailed graphite drawing showing the spreading branches of an ancient, wide-trunked baobab tree.

The drawing, on card, is inscribed verso: 'The Adansonia or Baobab sometimes called in English the Monkey Bread Fruit Tree, of St Jago, whose trunk at the base measures 56 feet in girth'.

Charles Darwin encountered the baobab tree in the bay of St Jago (today Santiago) on his first stop of the HMS Beagle in 1832. This ancient tree, possibly 6000 years old, helped inform Darwin's theory of the age of the earth and its gradual evolution.

Some age toning, as shown. There are small paper remnants to the corners verso from previous mounting.
14.6cm x 16.3cm.

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Product code: JH-954

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