Angel with Fruit Basket & Olive Branch - Mid-20th-century ink & collage drawing

An original mid-20th-century pen & ink drawing, Angel with Fruit Basket & Olive Branch.

This curious collaged drawing by an unidentified artist bears an indistinct monogram at the lower right - JHP? - and has a feel of the late works of Matisse, or the fluid ink sketches of Picasso.

The drawing’s subject - a standing angel holding what appears to be a bowl of fruit and olive branch - and its geometric, decorative patterning resemble a stained glass design; the famous stained glass at Chartres Cathedral, for example, includes angels carrying fruit baskets. Apples and pears have symbolic connection with Mary in Christian art as the ‘fruit of salvation’.

The composition is unusual, the gold paper having been intentionally torn to a fragment (alluding to the fragmentation of stained glass?) and pasted down on a maroon-papered card backing. The drawing itself has an arabesque fluidity that recalls Matisse and energetic experimentation suggesting influence of prolific sketch artist Picasso.

Monogrammed lower right.
In good condition for its age. The paper surface is slightly wrinkled in places, and is worn towards the outer edges, as shown. There is a small surface scratch to the neck area, as shown.
32.6cm x 23.2cm.

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Product code: JH-607

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