Ann Turner, Waterfall, Lake of Llanberis, Snowdon - 1840 watercolour painting

An original 1840 watercolour painting, Ann Turner Waterfall, Lake of Llanberis, Snowdon.

A dramatic view of Ceunant Mawr, or Llanberis Falls, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Wales. With extensive scratching out to denote the plummeting waterfall.

Unsigned. Inscribed verso: "Waterfall & Lake of Llanberris, Snowdon (about 1840)".
There are short repaired tears to the upper and lower edges, and some crease lines as shown.
32.8cm x 23.2cm.

This watercolour forms part of a collection of paintings by Ann Turner dating from the 1840s/50s, depicting rural views, rustic scenes, castles, abbeys and bridges, predominantly in the Cheshire and North Wales areas. Very little is known of Ann Turner, but as well as having the means to travel and paint, it appears that she had connections with highly regarded local Chester artist George Pickering (c.1794-1857). Pickering was a drawing master at Chester and later at Birkenhead; Ann Turner was likely a pupil. A number of the watercolours in the collection are after works by Pickering, and one painting is attributed to George Pickering himself. The collection also includes competent copies by Ann Turner after Samuel Prout OWS AA (1783-1852) and Thomas Miles Richardson Senior (1784–1848). There is also an outstanding sepia portrait watercolour of Ann Turner in the collection, clearly painted by a very accomplished hand (see photograph), which we have listed for sale separately.

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