A.S. Kynnersley, Rosemary for Remembrance - Original 1892 small inscribed book

An original 1892 small inscribed book, A.S. Kynnersley Rosemary for Remembrance.

This small hardback notebook is inscribed throughout with biblical quotations in decorative black and red script. There are 91 pages, inscribed on both sides. The 'compiler' was Barbara Scott (nee Snyed Kynnersley), and the book was given to A.S. Kynnersley in 1892. It appears that it was later gifted to Bella Musgrave in 1925. At the back of the book is inscribed Boughton Lodge S. Paul's, 1892.

Generally in fairly good condition; the pages are somewhat age-toned, the spine is creased and the covers are slightly rubbed.
Book: 9.2cm x 7.8cm.

This book is connected to the Sneyd-Kynnersley family and accompanies a fascinating collection of watercolours by Harriet Sneyd (née Potts) d.1860.

The subjects of these watercolours include a wide range of European landscapes, reflecting the far-reaching travel of this early 19th-century lady. Dates range from 1818 to 1845. Some of the continental views coincide with scenes sketched concurrently by J.M.W. Turner in Italy and Germany in the 1830s.

Harriet Sneyd married Thomas Sneyd-Kynnersley (1774-1844) in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, in 1802. In doing so, she married into the aristocratic Sneyd-Kynnersley family, who from 1815 lived at Loxley Hall, a Grade II listed country manor house in Staffordshire.

Her landowning husband had involvement in the development of Mixon copper mine in Staffordshire. They had a son, barrister Thomas Clement Sneyd-Kynnersley JP (1803-1892), and their grandchildren included Thomas Alfred Sneyd-Kynnersley (1839-1874), who became a prominent administrator and politician in New Zealand.

Views include Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Scotland and Wales. Nearly all of the paintings are inscribed and most are dated. Originally in an album, most of the paintings are laid down on backing card. These works have a wonderful naïve charm and are a fascinating record of early 19th-century continental travel.


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