Attrib. Eduard Bargheer, Palm Trees -Mid-20th-century ink drawing over oil paint

An original mid-20th-century pen & ink drawing over oil paint on canvas, Attrib. Eduard Bargheer Palm Trees.

This unusual drawing in black ink is executed over an oil painted background on heavy canvas. Attributed historically on the verso of the mount to German artist Eduard Bargheer (1901-1979), the drawing resembles Bargheer’s monochrome print work of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and his drawings in Indian ink.

Bargheer’s early work was influenced by Expressionism, then later he became a member of the Hamburger Sezession. Awarded a scholarship from Hamburg, he travelled to Paris and took a studio south of Montparnasse. He met artists Werner Gilles, Rudolf Levy, and Paul Klee, who had a discernible influence on his style. A move to Foro d’Ischia, Italy in 1939 matured his stylist change, his works tending more towards abstraction and brighter colours thereafter.

Bargheer executed a number of watercolours and etchings featuring the palm trees of Ischia, and this drawing of palms possibly relates to these. The drawing resembles Bargheer’s combination of the figural and abstract – the jostling upright forms of the palms fill the picture plane creating a patterning effect verging on the abstract. The meandering ink lines, with repeated reworking of the outlines of the trunks and palms, are reminiscent of some of Bargheer’s monochrome etchings.

The work is unsigned and has the appearance of an experimental sketch or study, particularly because of its unusual medium. The thickly applied oil paint on canvas creates a smooth and opaque background for the fine ink outlines, giving a textural richness to the forms.

The canvas is presented in an ivory window mount as shown.

Unsigned. The canvas is inscribed in pencil at the far left edge of the canvas, under the mount, as shown, with what appear to be mount sizing instructions. The historic attribution to Eduard Bargheer is inscribed on the verso of the mount at the upper left corner.
There are some paint marks and smudges to the surface, particularly at the lower right, as shown. Pin holes to the outer edges of the canvas, including a slightly larger hole lower right, which are concealed by the mount. The mount has a faint maroon mark to the lower right margin as shown.
21cm x 34cm.

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