Attrib. W.A. Delamotte, Dining Hall Pembroke College Oxford, C19th watercolour

An original early 19th-century watercolour painting, Attrib. William Alfred Delamotte Dining Hall, Pembroke College, Oxford.

A magnificent watercolour painting, showing the dining hall at Pembroke College, Oxford. The stunning architectural details of the hall's roof, paneling and stained glass are rendered with outstanding precision. The Oxford artist William Alfred Delamotte produced drawings of Oxford colleges to be reproduced as wood engravings in the publication 'A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municipal, and Popular Antiquities' published in 1845. This drawing strongly resembles Delamotte's drawings, and comes from a collection which includes two other drawings signed by Delamotte. This drawing is inscribed on the verso 'Pembroke Hall 6/7' which implies it is part of a series by the artist.William Alfred Delamotte (1775–1863) was the son of a French refugee. His remarkable drawing skills were apparent from an early age and he enjoyed the royal patronage of King George III. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1793, and went on to study at the Royal Academy Schools under Benjamin West. From the Academy he moved to Oxford, depicting its buildings in numerous sketches. From 1803 onwards he held the position of drawing-master at the newly established Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Laid down on thin backing card.

Unsigned. Inscribed on a separate fragment of paper which accompanies the painting: 'Pembroke College Dining Hall'.
In excellent condition. There are glue stains to the periphery verso, from historically being laid down, which do not affect the image on the front.
21.2cm x 30.5cm.

This work is from a fascinating collection of pictures we have for sale that are deeply entwined with the artistic worlds of 19th-century Oxford. The city’s romantic dreaming spires have inspired architectural draughtsman over the centuries, and this collection includes views of the university’s colleges as well as landmarks around the city and Oxfordshire more generally. The collection comprises works by a number of highly regarded artists, including drawings by William Turner of Oxford and William Alfred Delamotte, and paintings by Frederick Mackenzie OWS, and stained glass artist Augustine Joseph Mingaye Richardson and his sister Rosa Mingaye. With its architectural emphasis, it appears that the collection may have been in the possession of either the artistic Mingaye Richardson family or the Delamotte family: the collection also includes a number of intriguing albumen prints of architectural subjects, with high artistic merit, which bear striking similarity to the work of early photographer Philip Henry Delamotte – son of William Alfred Delamotte.

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