Miniature Rural Church - 1834 graphite drawing with Perforated Paper Needlework

An original 1834 graphite drawing, B.A. Miniature Rural Church with Perforated Paper Needlework.

This miniature church in a landscape is exquisitely drawn in graphite within a perforated paper needlework border. The border gives the picture the quality of a special decorative memento. Perforated paper needlework was a popular Victorian craft, originating in the 1820s and reaching a height of popularity 1860-1890.This is one of a collection of miniatures on perforated paper that we have for sale. This graphite is one of pair, the other of which is initialled "B.A." and dated 1834.

In fine condition. There are paper remnants on the back of the sheet, from historically being laid down.
6.7cm x 9.2cm.

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Product code: JE-400

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