Beryl Irving, David Culy East Anglian Magazine - Original 1959 pen & ink drawing

An original 1959 pen & ink drawing, Beryl Irving David Culy East Anglian Magazine.

A wonderfully characterful pen and ink illustration. The drawing was reproduced in a November 1959 edition of East Anglian Magazine, illustrating an article about non-conformist Calvinist preacher David Culy. The drawing is accompanied by a printed photocopy of the magazine page where the illustration was reproduced.

Signed lower right.
In good condition. The artist has used spots of white correction paint in a small number of places.
23.4cm x 17.1cm.

This work forms part of a collection of illustrations associated with East Anglian Magazine from the 1950s. The drawings are by a variety of hands and the quality is exceptionally high – including works by esteemed draughtsmen Paul Hogarth and Andrew Dodds.

East Anglian Magazine was published monthly in Ipswich between 1935 and 1982, was an eclectic collection of stories, illustrations and old photographs relating to the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

The majority of the drawings were reproduced in in this magazine, and by virtue of this they all share a quirky, English appeal – often slightly humorous or oddball, depicting local personalities and customs, or illustrating amusing anecdotes or intriguing scenes from local history.

Beryl Irene Irving (1896-1965) was best known as author of the children's book “The Dawnchild” in 1926. She was an illustrator for The Nursery World, Farmers Weekly, the East Anglian Times, Radio Times and elsewhere.


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