Bring me my Green Cloak - Regency Satirical Story Illustrated in Watercolour

An original early 19th-century illustrated Regency story, Bring me my Green Cloak.

This 19th-century handwritten and illustrated story is a sweet and witty social satire, recalling the Regency milieu of the novels of Jane Austen.

The picture story tells the tale of two well-dressed ladies who set out to call on another society lady - whilst all the while hoping she is not in. Equally, the lady they are visiting wishes she had been out. On arrival they pass niceties about the children. Setting off then to visit another lady and finding her not at home, they quickly leave a calling card when they see her carriage approaching. Nevertheless, on returning home, their first question to their staff is whether anyone called when they were out.

The charming illustrations tell the story as much as the words: the women in their Regency finery, cloaks and bonnets, their horsedrawn carriage and their attendant serving men in knee-length coats and breeches.

The story is told over a sequence of fifteen pictures, which have been laid down on eight separate sheets of backing paper. On paper laid down on backing paper.

There is minor glue staining around the outer edges of each picture from being laid down on the backing paper, and the odd spot of foxing as shown.
Size of each backing paper: 22.5cm x 18cm.

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Product code: JE-456

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