Butterflies with Ivy Leaves - Original early 19th-century watercolour painting

An original early 19th-century watercolour painting, Butterflies with Ivy Leaves.

A beautiful composition with two butterflies and ivy leaves. It appears to have been partially executed in an unusual stipple technique, possibly with a method of sponge printing or similar, as well as freehand painting.

Unsigned. Inscribed indistinctly verso: "[?] Guinea Moth".
There is some light brown staining towards the edges of the paper as shown, caused by historical glue on the verso.
16cm x 16.8cm.

This painting forms part of a small, striking collection of similar works we have for sale depicting flowers, butterflies and insects such as locust and moth. Dating from the early to mid-19th century, the paintings have strong visual appeal, painted in bold colours with striking crispness and elements of fine detailing such as touches of gold paint. At the same time, they show a popular interest in naturalism, the artist noting the Latin name of the specific insect species in some cases.   

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