C. Vidal, Quisqualis, Matheran, India - Original 1890 watercolour painting

An original 1890 watercolour painting, C. Vidal Quisqualis, Matheran, India.

The plant depicted here, also known as the Rangoon Creeper, has the Latin name "Quisqualis" meaning "what is this" - so called because the plant has a form more closely resembling that of a shrub as a young plant before maturing into a vine, a dichotomy which flummoxed early taxonomists.

Monogrammed lower left. Inscribed and dated lower right.
In good condition for its age. Laid down on backing paper.
17.4cm x 15cm.

This painting forms part of an interesting collection we have by C. Vidal depicting scenes around the Matheran landscape in India, dating from the late 19th century. There is one painting in the group by “General Hogg”, presumed to be Major-General George Crawford Hogg (1842-1941), who entered the Bombay Cavalry in 1858 and was Quartermaster General, Bombay 1891-95. It therefore is likely that Vidal was also a military man, who engaged in watercolour painting presumably as recreation and to record the spectacular and picturesque landscape around him in India. Most of the collection are signed and inscribed, and some are dated.


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