Carlo Lasinio, Portrait of Il Pordenone - Original 1791 engraving print

An original 1791 engraving print, Carlo Lasinio Portrait of Il Pordenone.

This is a fine and rare colour line engraving depicting the artist Diego Velázquez (1594-1660). It derives from a first edition book of prints titled "Ritratti Originali de Pittori Esistenti Nella Reale Galleria de Firenze", published in Florence by Niccolo Pagni and Guideppe Bardi, 1791-96, in an edition of only 100 copies. The book itself is extremely rare – only one (incomplete) copy survives in the collection of the National Gallery, Washington DC.

Carlo Lasinio (1759-1838) was one the earliest Italian colour printers; the book was one of the first Italian books to be printed in the Dagoty-Le Bon technique.

Il Pordenone (Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis, identified wrongly by Vasari as Giovanni Antonio Licinio) was commissioned to paint frescoes and the exterior of buildings, including a fresco cycle at Cremona Cathedral and at the Scuola Grande della Carita in Venice, now the Gallerie dell'Accademia, where he worked with the young Tintoretto. Much of his work was lost when the Doge’s Palace in Venice was largely destroyed by fires in 1574 and 1577.

The print is presented in newer black and gilt-coloured frame, with black window mount. 

In good condition.
29cm x 18cm.
Frame: 48 x 37cm.

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