CH Barraud, Kensington Gardens, Trees - Original early 20th-century watercolour

An original early 20th-century watercolour painting, CH Barraud Kensington Gardens, Trees.

An enchanting watercolour "Under the Trees" in Kensington Gardens, London. On paper, laid down on board.

Signed lower left. Inscribed verso.
In fine condition.
27.9cm x 34.7cm.

This watercolour is one of a collection by Cyril Henry Barraud featuring London’s iconic parks and gardens. Barraud really captures the spirit of these urban yet leafy spaces in the early 20th-century. As places of sociality and recreation, they feature mothers with prams, couples meeting and older men resting and conversing on park benches.

Born in Barnes, England, Cyril Henry Barraud (1877-1965) was son of noted portrait photographer Herbert Rose Barraud and nephew of artist Francis James Barraud (1856–1924). Francis Barraud famously painted “His Master's Voice”, the Jack Russell dog and phonograph, which became inspiration for one of the best-known commercial logos in the world, used by several corporations, including HMV, RCA, and JVC. Cyril was close to his uncle and helped him with the final version of "His Master's Voice".

After training at Brighton School of Art he worked as a manager at his father's photographic business, before becoming a full-time artist.
He worked as a commercial illustrator, which provided him with a clear understanding of design and composition.

He emigrated to Canada in 1913 and enlisted in 1915 in the Winnipeg Grenadiers. After being wounded in 1917 he was posted to the Canadian War Office as an official war artist. His work can be found in the Canadian War Museum.

Returning to England in the 1920s, he worked as an artist, illustrator and etcher, specialising in landscape scenes in Suffolk, Essex, Kent, the Thames estuary and Rye.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1912 and 1924.


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