Charles Dickens, Dismal Jemmy, Pickwick Papers - Early 20th-century watercolour


An original early 20th-century watercolour painting, Charles Dickens, Dismal Jemmy, Pickwick Papers.

A characterful drawing of Dismal Jemmy, from Charles Dickens’s first novel, The Pickwick Papers. Watercolour with pen and ink.

Marks and tiny pin holes towards the corners as shown.
14.4cm x 6.7cm.

This painting forms part of a collection of original artwork for publication, dating from the 1920s/30s. The collection includes many original vignette drawings of characters from the novels of Charles Dickens after Kyd (Joseph Clayton Clarke), produced for publication on cigarette cards.

These drawings capture the memorable characters created by Charles Dickens, whose physical appearances embody their larger-than-life personalities. Novels include Oliver Twist, Bleak House, A Christmas Carol, The Pickwick Papers, The Old Curiosity Shop, The Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Our Mutual Friend and Dombey & Son.

Cigarette cards were extremely popular and collectable in their day, issued around the world in their millions, until production stopped abruptly in 1939 when the outbreak of war meant shortages of board and paper. The format of the cigarette packet dictated the size and proportions of the illustration.

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