Chinese Bamboo on Silk - Original mid-20th-century watercolour painting

An original mid-20th-century watercolour painting, Chinese Bamboo on Silk.

A delicate hand-painted botanical watercolour on silk, stretched over card, depicting bamboo with leaves.

There are scattered pin holes at the edges and around the centre of the sheet, and some discolouration and marks at the outer edges as shown.
24cm x 30.4cm.

This painting is one of a small collection we have of similar Chinese watercolours on silk. These beautiful paintings display the characteristic luminosity and lightness of touch of Chinese watercolours. With their pared-down colour palette, simple brushstrokes and traditional motifs of floral blossoms, bamboo and butterflies, they convey the essential nature of their subject. The combination of vivid, opaque bodycolour and insubstantial translucent greens and blacks powerfully communicate a sense of both transience and essence.


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