Classical Cameo Head with 19th-century Perforated Paper Needlework Border

An original 19th-century embroidery, Classical Cameo Head with Perforated Paper Needlework.

This miniature classical head in profile is debossed on circular card with a perforated needlework border. The border gives the picture the quality of a special decorative memento, and the stitching gives the effect of a classical wreath.

Perforated paper needlework was a popular Victorian craft, originating in the 1820s and reaching a height of popularity 1860-1890.

This is one of a collection of miniatures on perforated paper that we have for sale.

There are paper remnants on the back of the sheet, from historically being laid down.
7.7cm x 7.5cm.

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Product code: JE-403

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