C.M. Cholmeley, Mother & Children Carrying Straw - 19th-century watercolour

An original 19th-century watercolour painting, C.M. Cholmeley Mother & Children Carrying Straw.

A watercolour of immense charm, with sweet figures carrying straw at the end of the day. With scratching out highlights.

Unsigned. Inscribed verso as shown.
Minor age toning as shown.
26.1cm x 18.4cm.

This painting forms part of a collection of watercolours we have for sale by a pair of artists, C.M. Cholmeley and O.M. Cholmeley dating from 1872-5. The paintings are apparently connected with a sketching club or class: many are explorations of particular subjects or themes, such as Water, Rain, Reflection, Industry, Sports & Pastimes, Light & Shade and Artificial Light. Some of the paintings have multiple names inscribed on the verso, who were presumably members of the club or class. The artists, possibly siblings, were both also interested in literary subjects, painting scenes inspired by the poetry of Tennyson and Longfellow, the novels of Sir Walter Scott and plays of Shakespeare.

The overall charm of the paintings comes from their range of subjects and the artists’ individualistic interpretations of given themes, often with appealing narrative details bringing the landscapes to life, such as characterful figures, animals, buildings and boats.

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