Early 19th-century handwritten transcribed poetry - 53 manuscript sheets

A collection of early 19th-century handwritten manuscript sheets of transcribed poetry.

This batch of papers comprises a range of poetry verses and ditties transcribed by various hands dating from around the 1830s/40s. The verses, many of which reflect a contemporary taste for Romantic poetry, include works by: William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Robert Southey, James Montgomery, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Mary and William Howitt, Barry Cornwall, Sir Walter Scott and Chaucer. Some of the verses have been annotated retrospectively with death dates of the transcriber e.g. “Died October 1845".

On fifty-three separate sheets. Most are inscribed both recto and verso. Paper colours varies, including ivory, yellow, green, blue and pink.

Generally in reasonable condition, approximately seventeen of the sheets have some patches of age toning, and a couple have small tears.
Each sheet: 22.5cm x 17.5cm.

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