Commonplace Book of Poetry - Original 1832 album

An original 1832 album, Commonplace Book of Poetry.

This book is a fascinating collection of 22 hand-inscribed poems by various hands. There are five poems from the hand of poet W.H. Prideaux, of Faversham, Kent, dated 1932-3: “Spirit of Song”, “To the Winds”, “Song”, “Impromptu” and “The Mountain Rill”. Prideaux published regularly in the Kentish Coronal and was author of “Lays for All Hearts”, a volume of poetry chiefly on sacred subjects, published by W. Ratcliffe, Faversham and Longman & Co, London. He was a correspondent of Victorian poet Ebenezer Elliott.

Other contributions include four poems initialled EP, one by Mr Wing of Wisbeach, and one inscribed “Revd E Bickersteth – Anna”, presumed to be Martha Mary Anne, wife of Revd Edward Bickersteth of Shrewsbury.

The beautifully neat scripts are full of character and charm in themselves. In addition there are two fine graphite drawings in the book, and two hand-coloured small wood engravings pasted into the book.

The covers are missing; spine and endpapers are intact. Inside pages are in fine condition.
18.5cm x 11cm.

This book is one of a larger collection of commonplace books we have acquired. They are an eclectic delight of intriguing inscriptions and drawings – often witty poems, proverbs and quotations, and humorous, sweet cartoons. All signed and dated by the contributors – the owner’s friends, family and acquaintances – they tell a personal story and give insight into a past era.


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