Commonplace Book, St Brandon's Student - Original 1921 album

An original 1921 album, Commonplace Book, St Brandon's Student.

This small leather-bound album was owned by Dorothy W. Cooke, a student at St Brandon's School, an independent boarding school for girls, in Clevedon, Somerset. The book comprises 17 pages; 12 pages are inscribed with short poems, proverbs, quotations and 5 have small drawings - all created by students and staff at St Brandon's. Two pages are double-sided and two pages have come loose from the binding.

Inscribed and dated by the owner on the inner cover.
The leather cover is worn in places, and pages bear some marks and minor age toning.
14cm x 17cm.

This book is one of a collection of commonplace books owned by young women at the beginning of the 20th century. They are an eclectic delight of intriguing inscriptions and drawings – often witty poems, proverbs and quotations, and humorous, sweet cartoons.

All signed and dated by the contributors – the owner’s friends, family and acquaintances – they tell a personal story and give insight into the life of a young women in Britain around the time of the First World War. Furthermore, their often moralising content reveals a wider context of a very different world from today – of an old-fashioned innocence and belief in values such as modesty, hard work and ever-lasting friendship. 


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