Mainz on the River Rhine, Germany - 19th-century gouache painting

An original 19th-century gouache painting, Mainz on the River Rhine, Germany.

This large, impressive and refined painting appears to be a view of Mainz on the banks of the Rhine in Germany, with the sandstone Romanesque St Martin's Cathedral at the centre-left and a floating bridge connecting to the opposite bank. The harbour has a real sense of tranquillity, with flat waters, sailboats and rolling hills behind, whilst the town has an orderly sense of civilised grandeur.

The view is likely to be early 19th-century, before the widespread use of steam, and at a time when there were no fixed bridges on the Rhine. The wide River Rhine was without fixed bridges until the late 19th century and was for centuries a frontier between the German states and communes on its banks. All the Rhine's cities lay on its west bank, the right bank having no important towns until the development of modern industry in the late 19th century.

There are abrasions to the paint surface in the sky area as shown, which do not significantly detract from the overall impact of the image.
35.5cm x 48.5cm.

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