English Naive School, Still Life with Grapes & Bird - 19th-century oil painting


An original 19th-century oil painting, English Naive School Still Life with Grapes & Bird.

A charming naive style work in oil.

The conscious inclusion of a bird alongside the grapes is possibly a reference to great works of art from the past: Renaissance artist, Antonio da Crevalcore (1443–1525), for example, painted Still Life with Grapes and a Bird (considered to be one of the earliest extant independent still lifes in European painting), in response to a picture of grapes by the famous Zeuxis (fifth century B.C.) described in Pliny's Natural History. Zeuxis’s painting was said to be so successfully represented that birds flew up to it.

On board. Varnished.

Some toning and surface abrasions as shown. Wear to the outer edges of the board, and some gilt marks from previous framing.
17.3cm x 27.4cm.

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Product code: JM-093

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