Frederick George Reynolds, Lake Chesterfield - Original 19th-century watercolour painting

An original 19th-century watercolour painting, F.G. Reynolds Lake Chesterfield.

An intricately painted watercolour with a subtle green colour palatte. 

Unsigned. Inscribed verso.
In good condition for its age. There is a minor, barely visible repair at the far right hand edge of the paper.
26.5cm x 21.6cm.

Frederick George Reynolds Senior (1828 – 1921) was an English watercolourist and regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy. His son, Frank Reynolds, was also an accomplished artist who spent his working life in Australia. It is rumoured that the family was descended from the great English portrait painter, Sir Joshua Reynolds.

This wonderful collection of watercolours showcases Reynolds Senior at his best. His landscape views show a verdant England pre-urbanisation – the relative wilds of Hampstead Heath and Highgate Woods, any figures dwarfed by the grandeur of nature. The abundant vegetation is rendered with immense detail, in a subtle palette of a multitude of greens. The collection also includes a beautiful monogrammed still life of rich red peonies.


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