Antique 19th-century Chinese Peepal Leaf Painting - Fisherman with Net


An original 19th-century watercolour painting, Fisherman with Net.

This is a rare and beautifully preserved traditional Chinese painting on the skeleton of a peepal leaf. The peepal tree, otherwise known as sacred fig or Bodhi tree, is native to south-west China, Indochina and the Indian subcontinent. Its leaves form perfect, delicate, transparent skeletons once dried, and as such are uniquely suited to this art form. The skeleton would typically be varnished, before being painted with vivid, backgroundless genre scenes. The resulting paintings were prized by Western travellers and traders who travelled to the Far East in the 19th-century.

The leaf is loose and not stuck down on any backing.

There are some losses to the outer edges of the leaf, as shown, at the lower left and right, and the tip. The lower end of the central vein is also slightly fraying.
15.9cm x 12cm.

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