J. David Clegg, Lane Seen through Drizzle - Mid-20th-century oil painting

An original mid-20th-century oil painting, J. David Clegg Lane Seen through Drizzle.

This large expressive oil painting by Slade School artist J. David Clegg treads the edges of abstraction and figuration. The title 'Lane Seen through Drizzle' indicates the subject: a winding path amidst branches and rust-coloured foliage, distorted through the obfuscating prism of rain. Clegg was at the Slade in the 1950s, and this picture was exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists, apparently in that decade or the 1960s. An associated label from previous framing refers to frame maker The Art Shop on London Street in Basingstoke, which was apparently destroyed during the town's redevelopment in the early 1960s. The label also lists a price in guineas, which was common practice in the art market until decimalisation in the early 1970s.This painting fits with the particular type of art being produced in Britain postwar, in the 1950s and 1960s, which tended towards abstraction but was informed by reality, in this case by landscape. The work is evocative and resonant - and uniquely British in its concentration on the figurative and carefulness with colour, which was there before the war and still continues today.

On canvas on stretchers. Unframed.


The painting is accompanied by two separate historic labels as shown: one an exhibition label from the Royal Society of British Artists, the other a framer's label.
There is some craquelure to the paint where it is more thickly applied, and equally, where thinly applied, the ground is showing through, with tiny scattered paint losses in places. There are a number of horizontal rubbed scratch marks to the paint at the upper right corner and edge. There are some historic framing nails embedded in the stretcher edge.

63.5cm x 76cm.

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