Kiyoshi Takizawa, 1879 Japanese Woodblock Flowers & Birds, Green Pheasant

An original 1879 woodblock print, Kiyoshi Takizawa Flowers & Birds: Japanese Wisteria, Chinese Milk-vetch and Skylark; Willow and Barn Swallow; Cherry and Green Pheasant; Plum, Violet and Japanese Bush-warbler.

These beautiful flower & bird illustrations (or kacho) date from 1879 and are by skilled and celebrated Japanese artist Kiyoshi Takizawa, from a collection called Senryudo Gafu, Kacho-no-Bu Kiyoshi. Takizawa used “Sen Ryo Do” as one of his studio names (meaning “A Dragon Was Hiding”).

This work comprises six panel pictures over three separate sheets as shown. Depicted left to right are Japanese wisteria, Chinese milk-vetch and skylark; willow and barn swallow; cherry and green pheasant; plum, violet and Japanese bush-warbler. The three sheets would look beautiful mounted together.

On laid Japanese paper.

There is minor foxing and some minor creasing to the thin paper as shown. Each of the three pairs of pictures has a central vertical join in the paper. There are pin holes to the far edges of the sheet, well away from the image.
Sheet size of each pair: 22.3cm x 30.1cm.

This is one of a number of woodblock prints by Kiyoshi Takizawa that we have for sale. Working towards the end of the 19th century, Kiyoshi Takizawa is known for his detailed nature drawings. The drawings are typically artistically expressive rather than graphically accurate, and emphasis is placed on creating a formally balanced and pleasingly decorative composition.

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