Leon Dux, Mounted Chasseur, 1812 - Original early 20th-century watercolour

An original early 20th-century watercolour painting, Leon Dux Mounted Chasseur, 1812.

An original early 20th-century watercolour painting, by Leon Dux. A fine French military study done in ink and watercolour, combining a natural pose with historically accurate costume and weaponry. Chasseurs (named after the French for ‘hunter’) were light infantry or light cavalry, trained for rapid action.

Unsigned. Inscription in French lower left, ‘chasseur à cheval 1812 (Bellangé).’
In good condition for its age.
15.2cm x 12.6cm.

This painting is one of a collection that we have by French illustrator Max Leon Dux (c.1840-1930). Dux was clearly influenced by other French military artists, including Nicolas Toussaint-Charlet, and the artist known as Job (Jacques Marie Gaston Onfroy de Bréville), after whom some of Dux’s illustrations are copies – some of the paintings are inscribed “(Job)”. It is likely that Dux produced copies from Job’s illustrations in the book “L'Épopée du costume militaire français”, and he shared Job’s eye for detail and precision in reproducing costumes accurately. He also seems to have copied the work of other illustrators (Bellangé, Kolb), as well as paintings at Versailles and in the Museé de l’Armeé.

Dux was particularly interested in the French Napoleonic period and its variety of regiments, depicting the many and various costumes of hussars, chasseurs, dragoons, officers, colonels, carabiniers, cuirassiers and trumpeters.

One of the paintings bears the artist’s atelier stamp.

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